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I am Ean Weiler

I’m a junior figure skater from Switzerland. I started skating at the Bülacher Eislaufclub in 2018 and switched to CP Champéry in May, 2024. I’m a member of the Swiss National Team.

My story began in 2018

I was ten years old when during a class trip organized by my school I was enchanted by the skating skills of one of my classmates. I decided on the spot I want to learn this, I want to skate. I ran home begging my mom to take me to take skating lessons. A few months later I started my training with Mark Pepperday in Bülach. Without any technical knowledge but full of vigor and will, I was able to successfully complete all Sternli tests 1-4 in 2018.


In January 2019 I switched to coach Ekaterina Zanta. Tests of Interbronze and Bronze followed in quick succession in summer 2019, Intersilver in summer 2020, Silver in winter 2020 and Intergold Advanced in summer 2021. I am part of the Swiss junior national team by now, since May 2021. All this couldn’t have happened without the love and support of my family and many of my early supporters who helped with the rocketing training costs.


In the beginning of May, 2024 I switched to coach Stéphane Lambiel to continue pursuing my dreams in the colors of CP Champéry. My goals are to qualify to the Winter Olympics 2026, Milan and medal there.

What do I love about figure skating?

Figure skating is my passion. I love every element. The jumps, of course, are very exciting but they are not everything in this sport. There are beautiful and difficult elements I already can perform, like my favorites, the Ina Bauer and the hydroblading, and there are so many more I want to learn. Powerful spins and gorgeous spirals. The different requirements and the combination of strength and condition with the elegance of dancing allows me to immerse myself in a world in which I feel free.
As soon as I’m on the ice, I forget everything around me. The burden of everyday life falls off me and I can fully focus on myself and my goals in mastering the highest levels of figure skating.
I improve myself by constantly pushing my limits. The hard training motivates me and I enjoy every moment of it.


JGP Selection Day · LP Debut · July 24, 2023
Magic on Ice · Pirates of The Caribbean · March 5, 2023
Swiss National Championship 2023 · LP · February 11, 2023


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